Anime Character Face Generator

anime_cover1-1 anime_cover1-2 anime_cover1-3 anime_cover1-4

anime_cover2-1 anime_cover2-2 anime_cover2-3 anime_cover2-4

An anime character face generator implemented in Tensorflow.

The model is based on conditional Least Squares Generative Adversarial Networks (LSGAN).

Given some training data, like the image demonstrated below,

example1 example2 example3 example4 example5 example6

we can train a GAN model which is capable to generate some anime character faces that fit the given text descriptions.

For example:

Description Image
blue hair red eyes result1
pink hair green eyes result2
black hair yellow eyes result3

See the Github page for more information.



An Othello program implemented in C++.

The core idea is to use Monte-Carlo tree search to search for the best moves.
Besides, in order to accelerate the search speed, open books, bitboard, and fast magic number mapping are utilized.

See the Github page for more information.

Nonogram Solver

A Nonogram solver implemented in Matlab.

I implemented the “intersection method” addressed in here.
The performance is largely better than normal method such as DFS or BFS.

See the Github page for more information.